Your iSparkle Guarantee

Our business is based upon us having lots of happy customers saying nice things about us. We guarantee that every clean you have with us is to your satisfaction.

Sometimes we will make mistakes or something won’t be as good as we would like. If there is something we have missed, is not right, or you are unhappy with us please let us know and we will drop back as quickly as we can, have a look, and put it right for you.

If there is something you are unhappy with and we cannot sort it out for you we will offer a full refund. We don’t think you should pay for a service you are not satisfied with.

Access to your property

We will give you a due date for your clean. Please ensure we are able to access your property on your clean date. We do not climb over walls or fences so please leave any gates unlocked for us on your due date. We will do our best to clean any windows we can but if your cleaner finds a window inaccessible to clean, or unsafe to clean they will need to miss them.


Payment is made by direct debit for all regular customers or in advance for all one-off customers.

Any payments that fail will be charged at £3 per failed payment. This covers the cost we are charged by our provider to resubmit your payment.


We provide an all year round reliable and regular service. Pure water window cleaning is not affected by rain or weather conditions. Your normal satisfaction guarantee applies regardless of the weather.

How to cancel our service

We require a full months notice to cancel your clean. If you cancel your clean with less than a months notice you are still liable to pay it.

If you wish to cancel the service please email us directly and let us now.

Please be aware that cancelling your direct debit does not cancel your service and you will need to email us as well.