Richard Lee
Owner & Director

Richard grew up and went to school in Chester. He is a family man who lives with his wife and two children in Hoole. In his spare time he loves spending time with his family, is a keen gardener, enjoys cooking, and dances Salsa! Most recently he trained as a boxer for a white collar tournament in Liverpool in 2014 to raise money for Claire’s house children’s hospice.

Richard created iSparkle in August 2009 with the idea of providing a modern window cleaning service that Chester could be proud of. He felt that people would appreciate having a local service which offered great standard of cleaning, a reliable service, and run by a friendly, customer focused team.

Richard has worked in every part of our business. He has knocked on door to promote our service, delivered flyers, cleaned windows, and now manages the office and develops our business.


Tracy joined iSparkle at the start of 2014 with a history of working in customer service and sales. She lives with her family in Chester. Tracy spends her free time with her young family, walking their dog, and meeting friends.

Tracy’s role is to look after our customers and to organise the jobs that come in for the window cleaners. She speaks with customers and manages the cleaner’s work schedule for each day.

Tracy enjoys working at iSparkle because she likes being busy, enjoys the variety of different roles she has, and she likes to be part of a small local business.


David started working for iSparkle in 2011. He lives in Hough Green and has a young family who he spends most of his free time with.

David is a fully qualified personal trainer, and when he is not working or with his family, he is most likely to be found at the gym. He trains in martial arts and competes in regional events throughout the year.

David is the senior window cleaner on the team. He has a vast knowledge of window cleaning and the equipment that we use. He enjoys his work because he likes being outdoors and active, he likes the customers who he gets to look after throughout the year, and he is working alongside his friend James.


James started working for iSparkle in 2014 after being recommended by his best friend (from nursery school!) David.

James went to school in Deeside, and now lives in the Chester city centre with his girlfriend. He has a keen interest in gardening and loves plants. James’s other favourite pastime is collecting and listening to music.

James enjoys working at iSparkle because he likes to be outdoors and work physically. He likes working with his friend David. He also enjoys the privilege of being able to see lots of our customer’s gardens and the plants they have in them.