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We have been using I-Sparkle now for about 2 years for windows. Yesterday , we also had gutters, facias etc done. As ever, James did an excellent job - he is very professional, polite and you 'know' he is going to do a good job.
07:58 12 Sep 23
Levi did a very professional and thorough job on our very dirty windows and PVC gutters, window frames and sun lounge. We will certainly be arranging to use your services regularly in the future. Thank you.
Tony Maynard
08:03 22 Jul 23
Professional service, very friendly and talked through everything personally. Had full gutter clean fascia’s and soffits and deep clean on windows, very pleased with the results and would recommend - Oxton/Claughton area
Kerry Lewis
12:57 10 Jul 23
Efficient, on time and cleared up the debris from cleaning our gutters. Happy to recommend iSparkle :)
Lynne Blackhall
17:46 08 Jun 23
Used gutter cleaning plus service. Excellent and thorough job done, with full explanation of what was being done and why. We use this company for monthly window clean as well and have had no reason to complain during several years of service from them. We can confidently recommend them. David and Hilary Laidler
17:35 08 Dec 22
I arranged with iSparkle for my gutters to be cleaned. They arrived to clean my gutters in the time slot I was given. I am very impressed, they have done a really good job. My next door neighbours gutters join on to mine, they have not had their gutters cleaned in a long time, causing weeds to grow from their gutters along in to my gutters also blocking the downspout. The gentleman that came to clear my gutters did a good job of clearing the weeds and debris, so I now wont have the worry of water damage from the gutter flooding over when it rains. Also a lot safer and quicker than me climbing ladders and trying to access the gutters right the way along the front and back of my house. Would definitely recommend to family and friends.
Kirsty Jones
16:54 23 Dec 21
We had our gutters cleared and cleaned and also fascias and soffits too. The job was carried out professionally and efficiently. I am very impressed with the overall result and wish I’d had them done sooner!Many thanksGraham(Bromborough, Wirral).
Graham Tipton
19:28 25 Nov 21
We got iSparkle to clean our gutters which were in need of some attention. They were thorough and professional and did a great job. We will definitely use them again next time.
J Magill
07:33 21 Nov 21
We have used iSparkle for windows cleaning for three years now. They always come on the day they say. They guys are all friendly and the windows look great once it drys.We have also used them for gutter cleaning for two years now. No more climbing up ladders to clear the gutters before the winter. They did ours and our adjoining neighbour at the same time this week. Again the guy was very friendly and efficient. Well worth it.
Martin Tunnicliffe
10:55 19 Nov 21
Had my windows and gutters cleaned. Happy with service. Very professional and would definitely recommend.
08:56 28 Sep 21
The person who attended to clean the guttering was second to none unfortunately I can't remember his name. He was polite, helpful, extremely kind and courteous. I was totally impressed with his manner and would happily recommend him to anyone. The office staff including Zoe kept me well informed and I would also commend the service offered to me. It's very rare to receive such exemplary service.RegardsCarol
Carol Zaidel Lamb
18:42 23 Sep 21
I had my gutters cleaned and windows WOW my gutters looked brand new I was so delighted. I would recommend this service it was worth every penny! my window cleaning service also. The company is so professional, helpful and the service is amazing.
Suzanne Byrne
11:41 07 Sep 21


There’s good reason why after over 9 years of operating, we’re the most recommended gutter cleaning service in Chester. We don’t use ladders. We use our professional gutter vacuum to work safely from ground level. We will clean your gutters over any garages, extensions, conservatories and outbuildings without risk to your roof tiles, your garden plants or your lawn. We use our specialist HDR camera to survey your gutters before and after your clean to check everything is completed properly.

Our gutter vacuum is simply the most powerful specialist gutter cleaning equipment on the market. It allows us to work quickly and efficiently, using our long reach and super lightweight gutter cleaning tools. All the rubbish and muck from your gutter is sucked cleanly inside our machine without leaving you a mess to tidy up afterwards.

You will find us easy to book and easy to pay. When you have had your quote you can book your clean in online and we will give you the date we are coming. We have everything we need with us in our van so you won’t need to wait in for us. Just leave your gate unlocked and we’ll take care of the rest, leaving you a calling card when your gutters are cleared.

We are a family business, fully insured, with fair fixed pricing. Your job is quoted over the phone or online when you book us in. You won’t be charged any more however long the job takes us. You can be confident you the price quoted is the one you will pay.

We offer a full satisfaction guarantee on all our work. If there’s something we’ve missed, or if something isn’t right we will pop back as soon as we can and reclean your gutters. We will even offer you a full refund if you are still not happy.

iSparkle’s Gutter Cleaning Services

We can clear gutters over your conservatory or extension

We can clear your 3 storeys high gutters (and higher!)

All work is checked with our long reach camera before & after

All done from ground level with specialist equipment

You have peace of mind: We’re reliable, professional, & fully insured

You can pay us easily by card


Do I need to be home when you come?
No, you do not! Most of our customers are not at home when we come to clean. We bring everything we need with us so if you leave any gates unlocked for us, we will get on and do the job for you whilst you are out, and leave a calling card with you when we are finished.
Can you clear gutters over my conservatory?
Yes, we are able to clean almost any gutter that we can see from ground level. Our super light equipment allows us to reach over conservatories and clean those tricky gutters easily.
Can you clear the gutters on my 3 storey house?
Yes, we even clean some large commercial hotels that have gutters over 5 storeys high, so 3rd storey gutters are very normal for us to clean.
Can I pay by credit card?
Yes, you can pay by any type of credit or debit card, or you can pay by cheque or bank transfer.
If you clean my neighbour’s gutters can we have a discount?
Yes of course! We save on traveling time if we clean neighbours on the same day, so we are happy to pass this saving onto you.
Can you wash the outside of the gutters and the soffits and underboards?
Yes, we can. We have a pure water cleaning system on our van that we can clean the outside of the gutters and boards with. If you have this done at the same time as your gutter clear we are able to give you a reduced price for the two jobs also.
Does it make a mess?
Because we use a powerful vacuum to clean your gutters, all the mess is sucked into our machine. We don't use a pressure washer to blast the mess out or try to scoop it out with our hands.
Do you clean commercial premises?
Yes, we do commercial and domestic premises all over Chester and the surrounding area.
How Often Do You Recommend I Have My Gutters Cleared?
At iSparkle we recommend clearing your gutters annually. This confers with the recommended maintenance standards for clearing gutters given by major household insurance companies.

Can you see any PLANTS GROWING out of them?
If you have can see plants growing out of your gutters they need to be cleaned as a matter of urgency. As well as the parts of the plants that you can see, there will be roots spreading along the base of your guttering that will catch any seeds, moss, and debris that gets washed in.
Do you notice water OVERFLOWING when it rains?
Your guttering system is in place to protect you house from the costly damage that water does to your home. If you gutters are overflowing it is a sure sign that your gutters need clearing.
Are you DOWN PIPES blocked?
If you can see that your down pipe is blocked it is a sign that your whole guttering system needs clearing, as well as the down pipe itself. The down pipe itself will have been blocked by debris coming along your guttering
Can you see LEAVES, MOSS OR BRANCHES in them?
Whatever debris you can see coming out of the top, there will be far more beneath it. What you can see is literally the tip of the iceberg in comparison to what will be lying in your guttering and preventing the flow of water through your rainwater drainage system.
Has it been 2 YEARS OR LONGER since you last cleared you gutters?
Major home insurers recommend that your gutter system is cleared at least once per year. This is recommended as keeping proper maintenance of your property to prevent more costly repairs in the future.

How Often Do You Recommend I Have My Gutters Cleared?

At iSparkle we recommend clearing your gutters annually. This confers with the recommended maintenance standards for clearing gutters given by major household insurance companies.


Get in instant price & book online now

You always know when we’re coming. We give you a next clean date

You'll find us easy to pay. No more searching for cash at your door

We're a small Chester based company open since 2009

We'll finish your clean & give you a full 1-month guarantee

Gutter cleaning for your home

At iSparkle window cleaning we have over 10 year’s experience in cleaning gutters.


Using our specialist Gutter Vacuum, we can clear gutters up to 35ft safely from the ground without leaving any mess. Previously in-accessible gutters like over a conservatory or an extension can be reached easily.

Why is it important to clean your gutters?

Your roof and gutter system are designed to carry rainwater away from your home into the drains. It's a very important part of your home that protects you home from water damage, and even structural problems arising.


If you leave your blocked gutters too long it can cause water damage to your home. This will result in mould and damp inside your property and unwelcome bills for repairing and redecorating. Let us take the hassle away, we can make sure all rain water can flow away from your property.


Your gutters are designed so that rain water flushes out any debris. Gutters can get blocked by leaves and moss. These blockages can prevent them from flushing properly and can quickly lead to the gutter getting plant growth in them. Turf and plant growth, standing water and debris from blocked butters causes strain on your gutters. The extra weight will press against the joints and eventually lead to expensive repairs on the gutters themselves. This is why many people have their gutters cleaned out at the end of summer so they are ready for rain and winter weather.


Many people also prefer to have their gutters cleaned out at the end of winter to check they are working effectively and clear out anything that has been trapped in them during bad weather. Our gutter cleaning service ensures that your gutters last longer and work more effectively for you.

iSparkle’s Gutter Cleaning Process

We begin the job by doing a brief inspection of the guttering around the building. We make sure all areas are safe to reach and make a note of any areas of your gutter that may need special attention or care.


Once ourcheck is completed we will get our gutter vacuum out and setup to start cleaning your gutters. We will need an electricity source for this, but we bring a generator with us which we can use if you are not home and there is not a working socket available.


Our gutter vacuum is able to reach up to 35ft from the ground (we have cleaned some very tall buildings for commercial clients!), and with it’s powerful suction it is able to cleanly suck up all sorts of debris and muck from your gutter. It will suck up any standing water easily, and any plant life and turf will be sucked onto the end of the nozzle where we can then gently lift it out of your gutter, We don’t need to climb ladders to do a great job for you!


We work hard to reach all those awkward spaces of guttering around your building and clear anything that may be blocking your gutters or causing it to overflow.


After making sure all debris has thoroughly been removed, we check the gutters with a bluetooth camera to make sure everything is clear.


At the end of your clean we will dispose of any waste water down the nearby storm drain, and then the organic debris from your gutter (just moss, sand, ‘muck’, and maybe turf) will be put in either your garden bin or waste bin depending on your preference.

Which areas do we offer our gutter cleaning services

We offer gutter cleaning all across our area including Chester, Ellesmere Port, Up to Birkenhead, Cheshire and Wrexham