I like to keep my gate locked for security, how will you be able to get around the back to clean?
Every time we come, we post a card with your ‘next due’ date on it. This means that you always know that you will need to keep your gate unlocked for that day in the month that we come to clean. We will always close your gate again as we are leaving.
Will you always come on the same day every month?
The short answer is No. Every time we come we give you your next due date. This will nearly always be 4 weeks from the day of your last clean. Sometimes we do have to rearrange our rounds because of bank holidays or because of things that come up. If we ever change your due date you will get a phone call to let you know.
The only way to get around the back is to come through our house, will you be able to do this?
Unfortunately we cannot bring our equipment through your house to clean. Our equipment is designed to be used for external cleaning and is not appropriate to bring through a property. Our insurance does not cover internal damages either.
How can we pay you?
You pay us by a monthly direct debit. This is the easiest and most secure method for us and our customers. It also means that we never have to knock on your door at tea time asking for cash for your cleans! We can setup your direct debit over the phone, or you can follow the link in the Payment section of this website, or by clicking here
Can you clean bird muck of our high windows?
Yes we can clean bird dirt from any of your windows high or low. Our heated water makes quick work of this.
What if I am unhappy with something?
We have a very low number of complaints and we clean a lot of houses every month. Our complaints ratio is well below 1%. If you are ever unhappy with a clean please get in touch and we will come back and re clean your windows, and make sure you are happy. You are not charge for us to re clean.
Do you clean in the winter?
Yes, we clean all year round, so your windows are cleaned reliably right through the year.
Can you clean leaded glass?
Yes, we clean many houses with leaded glass on some or all windows. The specialist brush heads we gently move over the lead and glass to clean it safely and effectively.
Do you use a lot of water?
No we do not use a lot of water. We use the minimum amount of water possible in our cleaning as the pure water is expensive for us to produce. It is like a very localised light shower on your windows. Throughout a whole day we will use the equivalent of 2 domestic baths of water to clean all houses.
Do you conform to Health and Safety laws?
Yes we have a strong commitment to the safety of our staff and members of the public whilst working. All our services are subject to our own comprehensive Health and Safety policy as well as documented risk assessments, method statements and site-specific risk assessments when required.
How can I get a quote?
You can get a quote by clicking here, alternatively you can give us a call on 01244 321 783, or you can ask our window cleaner who will be happy to give you a quote.
What is a water fed pole?
A water fed pole is a hollow pole with tubing down the centre of it which carries water through it. We use specialist, low weight telescopic poles made from carbon fibre.
How can you see if my high windows are clean if you clean from the ground?
All our window cleaners are trained to look for signs that there is dirt on a window. There are a number of ways you can see, firstly by looking at how the light is reflecting off the glass, watching how the water behaves running down the glass. We train our cleaners to have a good look at your window before they start cleaning. This allows them to spot any problem areas which might require more cleaning.
Do you clean our conservatory roof as part of your clean?
We do not clean conservatory roofs as part of a normal clean. Conservatory roofs take a lot longer to clean than windows, and we use a lot more water cleaning them. Please ask your window cleaner or get in touch to ask for a quote for your conservatory roof.
How do you price a window cleaning job?
We price our window cleaning work on a number of factors. These include how long the work will take, if there are any windows that are awkward or hard to clean, how easy it is to get around your house, how many windows, and how much water it will use to clean your windows.
How often do you come to clean?
We clean on a 4 weekly cycle. Years of experience have shown us that this gives you the best results.
Can you clean our window above our conservatory?
Yes we can. Cleaning with our light weight composite poles allow us to clean many hard to reach windows, including those above conservatories.
Is iSparkle insured in case of an accident on our property?
Yes. A copy of our current insurance certificate is available on request.
Can you clean wooden framed windows?
Yes we can. Pure water is essentially very clean rain water. It won’t do anything to your windows or house that rain water would not do. If your frames are in very poor condition we will avoid cleaning that part of the frame, as we do not wish to make any damage worse. But provided your woodwork is painted it will be fine.
Is it safe for my uPVC?
Pure water is very kind on your uPVC windows. We do not use any chemicals or cleaning agents other than hot pure water. The brush that we use is specially designed for window cleaning. The bristles go very soft in contact with the hot water and gently agitate the dirt as we brush at your windows and frames. The water is coming out at the same pressure you get from a common garden hose. We do not pressure wash the dirt off. We gently agitate the dirt, rinse down, and the pure water does the rest.
Do you use any chemicals?
No we do not use any chemicals to clean with.
Is your water dangerous to children or pets?
Pure water is essentially very clean rain water. Pure water will not harm your garden, your children, and your pets. It is very very good for cleaning though!
What are the benefits of iSparkle over your competitors?
We take a professional approach to window cleaning and customer service which is not found in any of our competitors. You receive an appointment for every window clean.
Why do you use heated pure water for cleaning?
Quite simply, cleaning with hot water cleans more effectively and gets better results than cold water.
Won't the heated water crack my glass?
The quick answer is no! Being a Concept2O operator we have over 30 years combined experience of window cleaning. We keep our water at a heat optimum for cleaning, but not hot enough to crack your glass. Even in the coldest of winters we have not had any accidents. The water is similar to water you can wash dishes in with bare hands.
Will you need to use our water?
No! We bring all our own clean pure water with us.
Are you very expensive?
We keep a close eye on our competition and are priced comparably.
Why don't you dry the windows?
We clean your windows and frames with purified water. When then rinse down your windows down with pure water. This water has had all the minerals and contaminants removed so you will get no streaking or marking on your windows when it dries on the glass. Cleaning your windows in this manner not only gets the best results possible, but also means that your windows will stay cleaner, longer.
Do you clean in the rain?
We clean all year round in all weathers. Traditionally window cleaners did not clean in bad weather as using ladders in the rain is unsafe. As we do not use ladders we do not have this problem. You will get the same result when we clean if it is raining as you will at any other time. Of course we guarantee every clean, so if when your windows dry off they are not right, just give us a call and we’ll come right back.
Do I have to sign a contract?
No you do not sign a contract. So long as you are happy with the work we are doing we will continue to come every 4 weeks.
How can I cancel my contract?
If you wish to stop iSparkle please let us know in writing. A letter or email is fine. Please note that cancelling your direct debit alone does not cancel our service.