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I opened iSparkle in June 2009. It was perhaps an unusual beginning as I had to leave my clinical career in the NHS to do it, but then again, I’d lived in Chester most of my life and it had been a dream of mine since high school to run my own business.

But why window cleaning?

The inspiration for iSparkle was found when I was walking into Chester early one morning with my newborn son in his buggy. I saw the window cleaners cleaning the shop fronts in the city centre. I thought about the window cleaner who we had. He was a friendly chap, but he’d disappear for months at a time throughout the year leaving our windows picking up bird dirt and looking grimier by the week. He would knock around at tea time on a Friday night for cash (we never had the right change) , he’d spoil my lawn with holes from his ladder, and he would climb onto the small roof on the front of our house to reach a window (sometimes giving me the shock of my life when he appeared outside the bathroom window!). I thought I could do better.

I knew there was something exciting about taking a really straight forward and loved service, and doing it really, REALLY well. I knew I could offer a better and more modern service. I could design it around giving our customers good quality window cleaning, reliable 4 weekly visits, hassle free ways to pay, and great customer service. We’d even give our customers a date when we were coming next. The concept had been born!

My new father in law told me to ditch the name I had (don't ask!) and said we should call ourselves ‘something like iSparkle’. I went to Cardiff and received lots of training from the amazing Julie Phillips at Clearview Plus. With her help and 200 freshly printed leaflets in my hand, the next thing I knew I was walking all over Chester, knocking on doors and signing up customers. Well, in truth it wasnt that straightforward. It took 1 week of knocking doors every day to get my first customer. That was pretty demoralising to be honest, but I stuck with it and thankfully things (and my sales pitch!) improved from there.

Since these beginnings iSparkle has grown into one of the most loved window cleaning businesses in the area. We are still a small business and you’ll still see me out and about cleaning windows. But now I’m helped by a handful of staff. We’re a great team. All our staff are picked because of their friendliness and great work attitude. We put a huge emphasis on customer service. We pay and look after our staff well. This means we are a small, happy and supportive team who are with us for the long term. Our staff and our customers are central to our business and we look after them well.

“Excellent job, excellent service, and very friendly staff”

– Mrs Wright, Hoole

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