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Really professional service. would recommend.
matthew harrison
12:46 28 Oct 21
I have been a customer since March 2021, live in Chester and I'm very happy with the service they provide.They are reliable, professional and always do a fantastic job. Once cleaned and without disturbing you, a card is posted through the door giving you the next date that they will attend. I wish I had started using this company sooner.
10:20 17 Sep 21
I became a customer when my 2 next door neighbours recommended and I’ve been very happy with the service. Nice clean windows, reliable service and good communications. Thank you!
Jo Booth
19:02 15 Sep 21
I have been using this companies services for the past 4 1/2 years. They have always been punctual and have always done an excellent job in cleaning our windows.
Aravindakshan Manoj
10:03 14 Sep 21
Always turn up as arranged but would let you know if for any reason they can’t make it (a very rare occurrence). Good quality cleaning. Polite and trustworthy service.
Emma Taylor
15:53 12 Sep 21
We've been customers for many years. They do a good, careful job and, when there has been any problem, cancellation , change of dates etc. the customer service response is excellent.
maurice webb
10:09 10 Sep 21
Friendly, reliable and efficient service
Bruce Burford
12:59 09 Sep 21
Excellent service, friendly and professional staff.
18:04 06 Sep 21
Excellent service and great people to deal with.
Stephen Webb
10:48 06 Sep 21
I have been with Isparkle since they started business many years ago. They always attend the stated appointment. Their operatives are very polite and friendly and get the job done with no fuss. On one occasion when, as a result of building works there was a mix up, Richard sorted it out with ease. I have no plans to go elsewhere.
David Davies
09:37 06 Sep 21
I have used this window cleaning company since it started up.I have always found them to be reliable, efficient, very pleasant and considerate.I live in Vicars Cross and would recommend it to anyone looking for a service well done.J.Jackson
Jennifer Jackson
09:09 06 Sep 21
Always reliable
Sydney Costello
14:43 05 Sep 21
We have used this company for a number of years and have always been very happy with their service
Linda Sheen
10:42 04 Sep 21
Had our initial window clean today and very pleased with it. We work from home but appreciated that we weren’t interrupted as they got on with the job efficiently without ringing the bell and posted a card with the next date. We hadn’t had the windows done for months and they have done such a good job of getting them back up to scratch! Thank you.
Becky Jayne
17:35 03 Sep 21
Great service in Chester. From initial quote on their website to follow up emails and arriving on time on the agreed day. Very happy and would certainly recommend. Thanks!
KB Docherty
10:43 02 Sep 21
One-off window clean carried out before vacating a rented property in Chester. Easy booking (at short notice!), and quick responses to email enquiries; punctual and speedy service on the day, and fully satisfied with the quality of the job. Recommended by a happy customer!
Paul bamford
10:04 02 Sep 21
Very pleased with the job
John Standring
14:52 08 Aug 21
First time used this company .. excellent service. Communication, professionalism and standard of work 5 ⭐️Would definitely recommend
Helen Logan
11:27 01 Aug 21
Fantastic service and fitted us in at short notice with an oven clean which really helped us out.Very friendly and professional.💯% recommended 👍👍👍
Chips Vinegar
16:26 31 Jul 21
Great communication from the start, have a comprehensive public liability insurance, arrived on time, really pleasant operative, great job, great value and really easy to pay without having to set up a bank transfer! Great job, thank you!
S McDonald
09:04 25 Jul 21
Very happy with the whole service, from the initial communication, organisation, kindness of staff and end result. Well done!
Carlos Ganarul
21:59 19 Jul 21
@kidsbankchester these guys are outstanding - efficient, professional and delivering exactly what they say. Highly recommended
Nick Pettingale
15:01 16 Jul 21
Fantastic job, no fuss, straightforward and fab results, very easy experience with online payment and ordering system, all worked out great, will definately be back!
Dom Leeson
14:15 30 May 21
What a find. Arrived on time, got on with the job. Results are excellent house looking better than it has for decades and I never had to climb a ladder once.Operative was pleasant, cheery and explained the process clearly. All done within a couple of hours with no fuss, mess or unnecessary distraction.Thanks guys! See you next month for our first regular window clean.
11:13 23 May 21
not a customer, but another window cleaner who has asked Richard for some business help and been kindly very informed by isparkle and Richard in particularA great business model putting customers and staff at the heart of affairs...
rob anderson
13:08 22 May 21
Great job. Punctual, friendly and efficient. Very happy to recommend!
richard arthur
09:10 21 May 21
Very pleased with the service provided by Richard and the team. Trouble is, I've now got to get the insides of the windows clean!
Rod Warrington
06:35 21 May 21
I have used iSparkle for a few years and have always been pleased with their service but today they outdid themselves. I’ve just moved house and my new windows have been very neglected and needed a really good clean. ISparkle did not disappoint- they did an amazing first clean despite appalling weather. I could not be happier and would wholeheartedly recommend them.
Mandy Sinclair
17:10 20 May 21
Although they could not make they texted me immediately to let me know and arrived first thing the next morning. They were friendly, professional and focused throughout and made an excellent job of the windows.
Richard Hedge
12:17 14 May 21
iSparkle cleaned my windows and I am very pleased with the results. I have some tricky to access windows which they coped with very well!
Chris Mander
12:27 13 May 21


There’s something special about iSparkle window cleaners. We work quickly and efficiently from the ground, using our long reach and super lightweight window cleaning equipment. Our pure water system used with our specialist lightweight brush heads means that we can clean your home safely and to a great standard that will make you proud of your home again.

We will clean your windows, sills, frames and UPVC over garages, extensions, conservatories and outbuildings without risk to your roof tiles, your garden plants or your beautiful lawn! We’ll even include your doors and skylight windows for free.

We are a local family business, fully insured, with fair fixed pricing. We are all uniformed professionals who are dedicated to providing a service that we are proud of to get your home looking beautiful.

We’re really easy to book and easy to pay. We give you a calling card with your next clean date on every visit so you will always know when to leave your gate unlocked for us.

We also offer a full satisfaction guarantee on all our work. If there’s something we’ve missed, or if something isn’t right we will pop back as soon as we can and reclean your windows. We will even offer you a full refund if you are still not happy.

There’s a good reason why after over 9 years of operating, we are the most recommended window cleaners in Chester and all the areas we work in.

iSparkle’s Window Cleaning Service

You always know when we are coming: We give you the next clean date

We can clean your windows above your conservatory or extension

Your windows at 3 storeys windows (and higher!) can be cleaned

Your Windows, frames, sills, skylights and doors cleaned every visit

You have peace of mind: We’re reliable, professional, & fully insured

You can pay us easily: Paid by Direct Debit or card


Do I need to be home when you come?
No, you do not! Most of our customers are not at home when we come to clean. We bring everything we need with us so if you leave any gates unlocked for us, we will get on and do the job for you whilst you are out, and leave a calling card with you when we are finished.
Can you clean the windows above my conservatory?
Yes, we are able to clean almost any window that we can see from ground level. Our super light equipment allows us to reach over conservatories and clean those tricky windows easily.
Can you clean the windows on my 3 storey house?
Yes, we even clean some large commercial hotels that have windows over 5 storeys high, so 3rd storey windows are very normal for us to clean.
I like to keep my gate locked for security. How will you be able to get around the back?
Every time we come, we post a card with your ‘next due’ date on it. This means that you always know that you will need to keep your gate unlocked for that day in the month that we come to clean. We will always close your gate again as we are leaving.
Can I pay by direct debit?
All our regular window cleans are paid by monthly Direct Debit.
Can I pay by credit card?
You can pay for one-off jobs by card, bank transfer, or cheque.
Will my window clean always be on the same day?
Usually yes. Every time we come we give you your date when to expect us next. This will nearly always be 4 weeks from the day of your last clean. However, we do have to rearrange our rounds because of bank holidays or because of things that come up. If we ever change your due date you will get a phone call to let you know.
Do you do one off window cleans?
Yes we will do one off window cleans. They are more expensive than 4 weekly cleans beacuse we have to do a deep clean and beacsue we discount our regular clients heavily.
The only way to get to the back is through my house. Will you do this?
Unfortunately we cannot bring our equipment through your house to clean. Our equipment is designed to be used for external cleaning and is not appropriate to bring through a property. Our insurance does not cover internal damages either. However, if it is just through a garage we are happy to do this, provided you understand there may be some water left on the floor, and that you accept responsibilyt for any damages.
Do you clean in the winter?
Yes, we clean all year round, so your windows are cleaned reliably right through the year.
Do I need to sign a contact?
No you do not sign a contract. So long as you are happy with the work we are doing we will continue to come.
Are you insured in case of an accident?
Yes we are. A copy of our current insurance certificate is available on request.

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You always know when we’re coming. We give you a next clean date

You'll find us easy to pay. No more searching for cash at your door

We're a small Chester based company open since 2009

We'll finish your clean & give you a full 1-month guarantee

iSparkle: Residential window cleaning for your home


At iSparkle the core of our business is window cleaning regular home owners in Chester, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire and around [link Areas we cover page]. Our residential home owners who have 4 weekly and 8 weekly window cleans are the foundation of our business and what have made us so successful. So we treat all of you with a great deal of respect and thankfulness!

How does water fed pole window cleaning work?


We use the most lightweight and up to date window cleaning equipment using water fed poles and pure water to give your windows a streak-free finish.


We produce purified water in our unit in Mickle Trafford near Chester. We use a 5 stage filtration system to remove contaminants and minerals from the water. We carry the water in our van so when we arrive at your home we have everything we need to clean. No need for you to be home for us.


When we are cleaning your windows there is continual gentle flow of our purified water washing down your windows through our brush. Our special brush heads are designed with soft bristles coming out at different lengths and angles so we can clean into all the nooks and crannies of your windows and frames. We gently rub your windows to agitate the grime and muck and the pure water washes it away off your window.


Shouldn’t you dry my windows off with a cloth?


We clean your windows cleaning away all the bird muck, the insects, and spiders webs on them. As we are doing this we are watching the water coming off your windows, and clean until the water is running clean and clear.

The last thing on your clean window will be our purified water. Your windows will be left wet with this pure water when we are finished. As there are no minerals or sediment in the pure water, they will dry naturally with a streak free finish.


Why do homeowners prefer having their window cleaner use a water fed pole?


  1. We wash down all their frames, sills, and doors every time we clean


  1. Their windows stay cleaner for longer


  1. No ladder holes in their lawn or garden and no damage to their roof and gutters (or cars!) from heavy ladders


  1. We can clean windows above conservatories, extensions and, 3 rd storeys and higher


  1. More privacy for you.. No window cleaner appearing at your bedroom window!


  1. It’s far safer for your window cleaner too. No risk of serious injury



Reasons our customers tell us they choose iSparkle


  1. We are a friendly and reliable company to deal with


  1. You always know when we are coming. You get a next due date for every clean.


  1. They get used to the same cleaner coming each time


  1. We consistently do a great job cleaning their windows


  1. We don’t knock for cash at the door when they’re eating dinner. All cleans are paid by card or DD over the phone or online.


  1. Our Chester based window cleaning team cover Ellesmere Port, Tarvin, Tarpoley, Tattenhall, Birkenhead, Bebbington and Bromborough and around


Is there a problem with traditional window cleaning?


We are able to use traditional methods for cleaning at iSparkle. There are some commercial clients who we will use a squeegee and soap to clean with when it is the most effective method to clean with. So what is the problem with traditional window cleaning?


The main problem with traditional window cleaning is the need for ladders to clean high windows, and the danger involved in climbing to clean hard to reach windows. These include windows over conservatories, extensions, or very high windows (over 2 storeys).


Working off a ladder and stretching and reaching to clean with soap and water is highly dangerous and results in very serious injury for window cleaners every year. At one point window cleaning was voted the most dangerous occupation in the UK.


Now that we have the modern technology that allows pure water window cleaning there is no need to use ladders and squeegees on modern buildings.


People find that pure water cleaning makes your home look better as you whole window and frame is easily washed down each time we visit. It gives a far better finish than you would get with a perfunctory wipe with an old cloth that you would have got in the past.


Also windows cleaned with pure water stay cleaner far longer than those cleaned with a squeegee. Cleaning with a squeegee requires you use soap to stop the water leaving streaks. Some of this soap stays on the window and dries into a sticky residue. Dirt will then stick onto your windows far quicker (purified water leaves no residue). This is why traditional window cleaners will sometimes clean their clients windows weekly or fortnightly. It’s because they get dirty far more quickly!